Danielle A. Vincent


Danielle left her corporate life and started a small handmade soap business and became a writer. Her mission is to help people live their richest, fullest, and most unicorny lives possible.



YOU-NICORN: A 30-day book to find your inner unicorn and start living the life you love

30 days of exercises to help you hone your vision for your best life, and get started building that life.

Outlaw Soaps

In 2013, Danielle and Russ Vincent founded Outlaw Soaps, a soap company with an adventurous attitude, dedicated to making the highest quality, adventure-inspired aromatic products.

Mozilla Developer Outreach

Since 2015, Danielle has worked with Mozilla, makers of Firefox and advocates for a free internet, to create programs for web developers. Danielle has revived the Mozilla Developer Twitter account, started the Mozilla Developer Newsletter (now more than 200k subscribers), and works with the events team on the annual View Source Developer Conference.

GoDaddy Garage

Danielle is a contributor to the GoDaddy Garage, a blog built for small business owners to help them tell their stories and build their businesses.


Danielle is a contributor to Pyragraph, a digital magazine to help artists and other creatives build their businesses while still staying true to their creativity and passion.


Danielle shares her tips and tricks for a better life on Medium.

My Blog


Indie Business Network

Interview with Danielle A Vincent of Outlaw Soaps

This episode treats you to a behind-the-scenes look at how Danielle and  Russ, her business partner husband, keep things humming in their  business. It's also chock full of resources and tips you can use on your  own entrepreneurial journey.

Creative Entrepreneurs Online with Christine Laureano


In this episode Danielle Vincent - creative extraordinaire - talks about how having written goals will radically improve your  business, and your life.

Danielle would not be where she is today in her creative business if she didn't create the goals.

Danielle A. Vincent on Medium

Danielle posts across channels on Medium. Here are her most recent posts: