Practice Self-Love

When things are just too much, what can you do to relax?

Here are our favorite ways to refresh your spirit, body, and mind.

This was crowdsourced from my amazing friends in this Facebook thread.

 "Hiking, yoga, singing, coloring..." - TJ

"Dancing  around my home to my favorite music, a  bath with a book and/or music, coloring, watching the sappiest/silliest  movies I can find." - Danetta

"A run!" - Heather

"Bike ride." - Dave

"A walk, for sure." - Ashley

"Knitting  a row on one of my simpler projects (I knit a lot, so this is relaxing,  rather than stressful new skill acquisition.) -- physical creation, in a  simple way. Go for a walk. Make and have a cup of tea." - Sarah

"Bake  some bread! It's warm, uses my hands, tastes good, looks pretty, and  people like it. Hard to be stressed when you're looking at all that  praise on your beautiful creation." - Molly

"I sleep. It helps my brain heal. Or I play. I deliberately and  consciously put my worries on the back burner and give myself a chunk of  dedicated time off to do something goofy and joyful. Or I sing in the car." - Lucinda

"Workout, and do something for my life in the long-term; pay a debt, work on a project I want to complete." - Marisa

"I read Pema Chodron's excellent 'When Things Fall Apart'" - Kristen

"A bottle of wine, with a bottle of wine back." - Christopher